Sergey Sholom: A Story of Success

Sergey Sholom: A Story of Success
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If you are a gamer, you have definitely heard about Sergey Sholom, but you may not know the story of his success. The life of Sergey is a really inspiring example for all of us, which shows that passion can grow into the profession. So, if you want to know more about this person, keep reading this article.
Who Is Sergey Sholom?
Sergey Sholom was born in 1978 in Moscow, Russia. When he was a kid, Serger loved different active types of sports, including hockey and football. He was also good at mathematics, and that is why he went to a special school. However, his true passion has always been computer games. Although there was not a wide range of video games to choose from, Sholom tried to play every game that he could access. Ones of his favorite titles at that time were Wolfenstein and Quake. Later, Sergey started to play games professionally. He founded and became a member of DataForce, a Russian professional team known for winning Quake tournaments and top positions in gamers ranking in the country.
Sergey Sholom has been a game developer, organizer of e-Sports tournaments, as well as CEO in a range of successful gaming projects, such as MobileGo and GameCredit. It seems like this forty-year-old Russian man is a very energetic and positive person who just would not take a break.
One of his latest achievements is founding GNation in 2018, which creates blockchain-powered products aiming at improving the lives of both gamers and game developers. More about this person, you can find out here
What Are Sergey Sholom’s Perspectives?
Considering that Sergey has already launched a range of revolutionary projects and keeps developing new interesting products, we will hear his name many, many times in the future. He is engaged in the most perspective technologies and industries, which he successfully combines to offer something outstanding and helpful. He has already proven to be the leader that knows how to achieve success. Such projects as MobileGo and GameCredit keep attracting attention of investors who are looking for promising opportunities. It seems like Sergey was born to win, and if you wish to share his success, then “catch the wave” and join one of his projects

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